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Snow White Printed Dresses for Lolita

Infanta recently added a new series of lolita fashion clothes to their shelf. It has a beautiful name as Snow White, and the dresses, prints on the cotton, are even more beautiful and attractive.

The whole series includes jumper dress, skirt, headbows, headflowers for you to select from, and build out your own "snow white princess" easily :)

As you can see from the photos, there are enthusiastic wine and mysterious blue two colors for you to select from :)

Recoco Style Lolita Dress

Recoco is an 18th-century artistic movement and style, which affected several aspects of the arts including painting,sculpture, architecture, interior design, decoration, literature, music and theatre. When comes to rococo style clothes. I have nothing in my mind but elegant and gorgeous. Young girls will choose rococo Lolita dresses to make them cute, loveable and elegant.

Recently we have a new style called "Surface Spell Rococo Printed Butterfly JSK Dress" with the design inspired the elegant rococo style dresses.
Recoco style:
recoco 01

Another recoco style:
recoco style

By inspired of these, we have designed the new style "Surface Spell Rococo Printed Butterfly JSK Dress".surface_spell_rococo_printed_butterfly_jsk_dress-sspIt is tailored by cotton and decorated by printed butterflies and bows, with multiple sizes available, S/M/L/XL an custom tailor also available for free except large size bust larger than 95cm, since there may be a small cloth fee.

If you love Recoco style then I believe this should be the perfect one for you. Why missing such an elegant looking jsk dress in such a fashion tide? ^_^

We are "My Lolita Dress", not Milanoo

It has been more than 3 yrs that we run with our lolita store www.my-lolita-dress.com. We have been trying our best to make the site better and provide good service to customers.

But it has been a while that we may get some ppl's suspicion that we were from milanoo. This has been troubled me and i just not sure why we were suspected. >_<  Then i tried submit some posts on EGL and Daily-Lolita to find the answer and finally we got it. That was due to some 'fake products pics" that we misused.  I read some feedbacks about the 'stolen' images, then I checked. Indeed we dded some dresses from one manufacture which later admitted the photos were not real. We checked their dresses and indeed they were great, but it is really true that it was our fault and we should not use any stolen images no matter how. Therefore we have removed them all. We do not want to hide any of ppl's suspicion but could be make a link open to you http://egl.livejournal.com/18693332.html, besides of this one, we still got more proof which we could provided from facebook, but some new friends told me that this is the only important proof they want and they told me there was no need for me to post many other proofs since the more i tried to explain, the deep that i put myself into a hole, which i believe is reasonable.

We often send after-sale to our clients after they receive items. Up to now seems everything is good and most of the customers feel satisfied with our products and service. Certainly i can't say "100% of them were satisfied", since ppl always have different tastes, moreover, we are just humans and i don't think we can make all customers 100% feel satisfied but only tried our best and do it "better". ^_^

I know it is still hard for the new friends who are still with suspiciton trust us by only reading this. And I believe the only effective way maybe that you tried a small order from us as a start then you'll see how is "My-Lolita-Dress" and you'll get the final answer to yourself!

Anyway, thanks for reading and we are welcome and open to all of your ideas and suggestions.

Custom Tailor Service

If you have checked through our site "my-lolita-dress", you'll see that there is a special service we offered---"Custom tailor". And this has become one of the most important factor taking ppl to buy.

There are some reasons ppl like "custom tailor", first, some styles are quite pretty which caught ppl's eyes but due to the sizes limited, not all ppl could find their suitable size; 2nd, even there are certain sizes fit for ppl, it does not fit 100% for the bust, waist and hip. For example, sometimes the waistline is too big or too small even the bust and hip fit. When meeting situations like these, "custom tailor" becomes such a necessity. You can tell us your height, bust, waist and hip exact sizes and we can custom tailor a 100% fitted one for you, which has the exact waist, bust and hip sizes.

But there is also a shortcoming for "custom tailor"---Time Consuming. We have many products which could accept "custom tailor", lolita dresses, skirts, OP, blouse and boots etc. But it is a little bit slower in timeline if you asked for "custom tailor" instead of choosing the ones in stock. If your ordered products are asked custom tailored, then please allow us some time to tailor them from scratch before we ship them out. Since only with time spending, the quality of products will be good. We need to make your waited time worthwhile by making the products fitted you perfectly!

If you need a "custom tailor" service and have been looking for it somewhere, please don't hesitate to stop by our lolita dress store. And from now on, you'll not be down any longer on the beautiful lolita dresses that you love so much but without a fitted size because you have found the big help on www.my-lolita-dress.com. ^_^

Bell Shape Lolita Petticoat

Yes i would like to strongly recommend this Bell Shape Lolita Petticoat to you. The reason only lies in its popularity to girls. We have many pettis for sale in our shop. But, this one gain ranking No.1 from the recent sales point of view.

bell-shape-lolita-petticoatI think the reason that this bell shape lolita petti got No.1 is not only because of its bell shape which could give a good and perfect support to lolita dresses/skirts, but also lies in its brand "classic puppet". As you know, classic puppet is very well known as its good quality petti produced. What's more, we just labelled the price quite low, only $41.99, which i believe you will not get a cheaper one than it from other stores. :)

The ready ones for this super-puffy organza bell-shape lolita petticoat (inner cotton layer) are average size, 45cm long with 62-79cm shirred waist. There is no worry if this average size can't fit you, since custom tailor upon request is also availale. Just leave us a note for your BWH and we will custom tailor it for you. There are many colors available for this petti, such as black, white, blue, Light green, Pink, Red, Red black trim etc, each color is very nice and i believe there must be an ideal color which you'll like during these multiple color choices.

If you still not made the decision on which petti style to buy, why not cosidering this classic puppet Bell-shape lolita petti?


Finally i know how to be a real lolita

I know that I have not been a completely lolita till now although i like lolita style.

The first time i tried lolita dress was a yellow prints lolita blouse, sheep garden jsk and yellow colored dolly house headbow.The whole looking turned out not bad in my own eyes ^_^. But ppl still gave me some suggestive ideas when i shared the pics, the blouse seems too busy, needs a better petti which could give better support to the jsk, etc.

In order to improve my lolita looking, then 2nd time, i tried another outfit. That was a fantastic dolly jsk dress from dream of lolita, ivory color, a matched color headbow, a pair of black socks with white dots scattered and a pair of black lolita shoe.I thought it should look better, but finally there was a silly mistake coming out. That was the headbow, oh really silly mistake. I just made it upside down and back to front! My lolita dress

What's more, ppl also gave me a suggestion that it is better make a nicer makeup if with lolita dresses, which i totally agree. I like nice makeup as well, but the issue is that i am not good at make up (only know little makeup steps and could make simple makeup which is far away from the ideal one). So next time, i am going to turn to someone of my friends who are good at makeup for help, so they could help me do a gorgeous makeup and become a real lolita. :)

I am just looking forward to it!

New Arrivals

Finally got a chance to update our little lolita dress online shop. This time we mainly got some new jsk dresses and blouses. All of them are new styles, very beautiful.

Among these new arrivals, there are three stuff that i wanna share here. One is the "Power and Throne JSK from Infanta", 2nd one is "Infanta Moon's Elegy Chiffon Shirt" and the 3rd one "Viola Smile Chiffon Long JSK Dress from infanta".

1> infanta power and throne jsk 4 colors
New arrival from infanta, cool pirate style lolita jumper dress for girls, tailored by thick velvet, suitable to wear in spring, autumn and winter, available at red/gold, white/gold, blue/silver, blue/gold four color combos.

2> infanta moon&apos;s elegy chiffon shirt
Thick chiffon lolita shirt, long sleeves with frillies. Green blouse has slight elasticity while the wine one is relative thinner-it looks great wearing with skirt or dress.

3> infanta viola smile chiffon long jsk
Pretty mint long lolita jumper tailored by chiffon, looks very ladylike with a natural downward feeling, very elegant princess looking! I like this style so much!

Thanks for checking!


I like this red Gothic Lolita Dress

Got chilly these days, so i like sunshine so much! Fortunately, last weekend was sunny, therefore i decided to have my new red gothic lolita dress on.

This is a very pretty dress in my eyes which is made of smooth velvet, with golden embroidery of cage, bird and flowers, prints are quite exquisite designed and very clear.

bird cage dress
You'll see that i was with my pink lolita headbow, black lolita handbag, socks with dots decoration and a pair of black lolita shoes. It was a pity that i did not find a suitable blouse to match this red dress and i believe a black lolita blouse with lace trim may look nice.

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I love my studded boots

It is getting cold here and i can wear boots now. In chilly days, winter boots is a necessity for me.

I like my boots
I am a little bit "small", so i like wearing boots with skinny pants or stockings. I think this could make my legs more slender. In this pic, you'll see that i worn a middle-long brown T-shirt, a pair of black skinny pants and my cool and handsome looking studded boots. :)

Here is one of my another coordination pic with my cool looking studded boots:
My coordination

Studded boots seems a fashion these two yrs and i plan to give myself another pair as a xmas gift. :)

Winter outfit 2012

When late autumn and winter comes, boots become the main trend and it is not an except for winter 2012. Wearing boots in cold days does not only gives a very fashionable looking to the wearers but also gives lots of warmth.

There are so many boots styles available in the market which could cater different wearers' style. Lolita bootsLolita boots is a kind of Kawaii footwear which could match your different styled lolita dresses or jackets in cold days. Certainly, it does not mean that lolita boots could only match lolita outfits/clothes. There are many lolita boots, which are exquisite designed and could easily match all kinds of your casual outfits.

For me, I have owned several boots which i could chose to wear in spring, late autumn and winter. Some are cute ones, some are classic ones and some are a little bit 'sexy' ones. ^_^ Depending on the different clothes, i can choose a matching styled boots to wear.

I don't like to wear long trousers, even in chilly days. Instead i always like to wear some winter dresses or thick pants with a pair of stockings, then a pair of boots. And i feel that is really a cool and fashionable match.  winter bootsThis was my style last yr and it will not be an except for this yr. :)